Wi-Fi Access

AUP provides Wi-Fi internet access in all buildings of its campus. AUP devices are pre-configured with a Wi-Fi connection. For personal devices on AUP's campus, there are two networks available:

  • The eduroam network is the primary network for use by AUP students, faculty, staff, and alumni with a valid AUP NetID, as well as visitors from other educational institutions who are members of the eduroam service.
  • The AUP Guest network is available for the use of guests who have been invited onto campus by an AUP faculty or staff member, and by conference attendees.

eduroam: connect everywhere

eduroam is an international Wi-Fi roaming service that allows students, faculty, and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet access on their own campus and when visiting other participating institutions.  eduroam is the  wireless network offered to members of the AUP community to connect to the Internet on their own phones/laptops/tablets.

Once eduroam has been set up on a device, that device will automatically connect to any eduroam network within range.  This allows members of the AUP community to automatically have access to the Internet whenever they visit another participating institutions, and academic visitors to the AUP campus to automatically have access to the Internet.

To see a list of all locations where eduroam is available, click here.

Instructions to connect to eduroam - AUP members

If you are an AUP student, faculty member, or staff member, you can easily configure your device to connect to eduroam.  To begin, on the device you want to use with eduroam, click on this link, then click on the blue eduroam button, and follow the instructions below.  Note that you do not need to be on-campus to perform this setup.

  • General information:
    • When asked for your username, enter your NetID followed by @aup.edu (example: a123456ataup.edu for a student, or jsmithataup.edu for faculty/staff).
    • When asked for your password, enter your AUP NetID password.  Make sure to be careful when entering your password, as the system will not immediately correct you if you enter it incorrectly. 
  • Device-specific information:
    • On an iPhone or iPad, click on Authorize to allow the configuration file to download. Then, open the Settings app, and select Profile Downloaded.  Click on Install, then follow the instructions. After you've entered your username and password, after tapping OK, your device will be configured to connect to eduroam whenever it is available.
    • On an Apple computer (such as a MacBook), once the file has downloaded, double-click the downloaded file.
      • If the System Preferences app opens, follow the instructions on-screen to set up eduroam.
      • If your computer has a System Settings app, open it, go to the Privacy and Security section, click on Profiles, choose the eduroam profile, and follow the instructions on-screen to set up eduroam.
    • On a Windows computer, the link will download an installation program. Launch the program, and follow the on-screen instructions.
    • On an Android phone, you will be provided a link to download the geteduroam app.  Once you have installed the app, search for The American University of Paris, and follow the instructions.

If you cannot access the link above because you do not have Internet access other than eduroam, please contact IT Services.  Our staff will be able to help you set up eduroam on your device.

Connecting to eduroam - visitors to AUP

If you are member of another educational institution who has already set up eduroam access, your device should automatically connect to the eduroam network on our campus. If this doesn't occur, please verify that your password is correct.

If you have not yet configured eduroam, there are two options:

  1. Go to cat.eduroam.org, click on the blue button that says "Click here to download your eduroam installer", and search for the name of your home institution in the list.  If you find it, click on it, and follow the instructions.
  2. If your university is not listed in the list on the web page mentioned above, your home institution does not participate in the Eduroam CAT program, so you will need to configure eduroam manually.  You may be able to connect by just selecting the eduroam wireless network on your device, using your academic e-mail address as your username, and your regular academic password as your password.

Note that AUP cannot provide support for issues related to your login being rejected.  Any issues related to your connection to eduroam must be directed to your home institution's IT support team.

When connecting to eduroam at AUP, you are required to comply with our University Information Technology Policies. This policy applies to all users of AUP Information Technology (IT) resources regardless of their relationship with the University and irrespective of whether those resources are accessed on- or off-campus. 

Wi-Fi access for individual guests

Instructions to connect to Wi-Fi as individual guest

If you have been individually invited on-campus by an AUP staff or faculty member, you can connect using the following instructions:

  1. Connect your device to the AUP Guest wireless network.
  2. A window will open offering you two buttons, one of which is Guest: Sign in as a sponsored guest. Click on that button.
    Note: if you do not see this window after connecting to the network, try opening your web browser.  You should be redirected to the page mentioned above.