Microsoft Forms is an application that allows all AUP Community members to create surveys, quizzes and polls:

  • Professors may use it to for tests and quizzes or collect feedback from students.
  • Staff may use it to get feedback from colleagues or parents, measure employee or student satisfaction and even organize events.
  • Students may use it to set up events (for student led-organizations, for instance) or get organized to collaborate on a given project.

How to Access



  • Log in to with your AUP email address and password.
  • Click the Forms icon to launch the application.


Training Resources

Microsoft has set up a series of videos to help you train on Forms on your own.

LinkedIn Learning is also a very rich source of information with a series of videos led by professionals to guide you step by step. Access it with your AUP email address and see all the content they offer about Forms.


Why use Microsoft Forms and not Google Forms?

Microsoft Forms is part of the Office 365 services that are provided by AUP to its community members, so it is supported by IT Services. It is also safer in matters of privacy issues.