OneDrive is a cloud storage space that is free to use for all AUP Community members. This service stores and protects your files, lets you share them with other people, access them and work on them from anywhere on any device. It also integrates seamlessly with all the other Office 365 applications and services. 

How to Access


For the best experience, we recommend using the OneDrive app: 

  • Download the OneDrive app for Windows or Mac. 

  • Mobile apps are available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 10 from their respective app stores.


  • Log in to with your AUP email address and password.
  • Click OneDrive to launch the application.


  • Upload and save your files and folders either from your desktop or from other Microsoft applications. These documents can be personal or shared with your colleagues. Learn also how to synchronize your files from your desktop to the cloud and vice versa.

  • Manage files and folders –  Create and search for files and folders and backup important computer files. See how to set up the OneDrive sync app in Windows and in Mac.

  • Collaborate on Files – Share files with colleagues and edit them together for collaborative work.

  • Use OneDrive from your mobile – Stay connected, managing files and folders directly from your mobile device.

Training Resources

Microsoft has set up a series of videos to help you train on OneDrive on your own.

LinkedIn Learning is also a very rich source of information with a series of videos led by professional to guide you step by step. Access it with your AUP email address and see all the content they offer about OneDrive.



Why use Microsoft OneDrive and not Dropbox, Google Drive or any other service?

OneDrive is part of the Microsoft 365 services that are provided by AUP to its community members, so it is supported by IT Services. It is also safer in matters of privacy issues.

How much storage space do I have on OneDrive?

As an AUP member, you have one terabyte worth of storage space (the equivalent of 200 hours of video content) that you may use. That is a lot of space!