IT Services is in charge of providing training, support, maintenance and installation management support for technology in AUP classrooms, meeting and study rooms.

Each room provides

  • Automated command panel with source selection and audio volume adjustment
  • High quality display (monitor or video projector)
  • Computer with internet connection
  • Video camera and ceiling mounted microphone for hybrid/remote teaching
  • Wireless and wired connections for portable devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones)
  • Disk player

Rooms suitable for events benefit from extra equipment such as cord microphones and wireless microphones, audio recording options and more (Auditorium in Monttessuy building).

AUP classrooms, meeting rooms and Group Study rooms are checked, updated, upgraded on a regular basis.

Training and support are available upon request.

Best practices

To ensure the quality of AUP classroom technology, the following guidelines have been defined:

  • Please do not write on the white projection screen.
  • Do not shut down or switch off the computer.
  • Do not unplug equipment.

  • Use the ON button on the Control Panel to turn on the projector or the TV screen.
  • At the end of class, LOG OFF from the classroom computer.
  • Use the OFF button on the Control Panel to turn off the projector or the TV screen.