Administrative and Business


These enterprise and local services support the administrative and business functions of AUP. They include analytics, business intelligence, reporting, finance, HR, student & faculty information systems, advancement, conference and event management.

Service Description
Alumni and Advancement Alumni portals and services that support university advancement and development.
Auxiliary Systems​ Services outside the core administrative systems that support auxiliary or ancillary campus systems, activities, and operations.
Document Imaging and Management Electronic document-management services.
Faculty Information Systems Services that support faculty administration, review, promotion, and tenure.
Finance, Human Resources, facilities and Procurement Systems Administration and maintenance of enterprise systems (integrated or stand-alone) that support financial management, human capital management, and procurement.
Library Systems Services for library systems that provide access to local and remote information in support of teaching, learning, and research. Includes acquisitions, catalog, circulation, serials, a public user interface, interlibrary loan, discovery tools, etc.
Reporting and Analytics Business intelligence platforms, data warehouse, dashboards, analytic tools, transactional reporting, and operational data stores.
Student Information Systems Services to support admissions, enrollment, registration, orientation, financial aid, student accounts and collections, advising, and career services.

FAQs - Faculty Information Systems

What is the faculty portal?

The faculty portal is an online gateway where AUP faculty can perform certain academic activities like viewing their teaching schedules and class rosters, interact with their advisees if they are advisors, enter grades, etc.

FAQs - Student Information Systems

What is the student portal?

The student portal is an online gateway for AUP students services like online registration, unofficial transcripts, class schedules, grades, enrollment certificates, billing statements, etc.