Studio apartments

Studio apartments are single occupancy apartments that are bigger than independent rooms—at least 20 square meters. They always include a private shower and toilet. Studios are generally better equipped than independent rooms, with at least a mini-fridge and a hot plate in the kitchen, but may also have a small oven, microwave, and/or washing machine.

Some studios are large enough for two roommates or a couple to share, depending on the size and layout of the apartment. A studio apartment is always furnished with a bed or a sofa bed (occasionally both, size permitting), a table and/or a desk, a closet or an armoire, and some kitchen utensils. Utilities, Internet, and phone are usually extra and students may have to provide their own linens.

Rent: €700-€1000
Available to AUP graduate students and returning undergraduate students.

One and two-bedroom apartments

One and two-bedroom apartments are available on a limited basis and generally cost much more per month than smaller, independent options for students. The housing office will not house two new students together as roommates unless they knew each other prior to coming to AUP—most roommate share options are for returning students or visiting students from the same home institution.

These apartments can be anywhere from 30 square meters for a one-bedroom apartment, to as big as 70 or 80 square meters for a two or three-bedroom apartment. They are generally the best equipped apartments, usually with a full kitchen, bathroom with shower and/or bathtub, and frequently have a washing machine. Utilities, Internet, and phone are usually extra.

Rent: Varies greatly depending on size, but generally starting at €1,000.
Available to AUP graduate students and returning undergraduate students.