Converted from former service staff rooms, chambres de bonne are independent rooms that usually measure between 10 and 15 square meters (110-160 square feet). These small, furnished rooms are the ubiquitous housing option for local students. They’re usually located on the top floor—often a six-story walk-up—of Parisian buildings in very nice neighborhoods. They’re equipped with a shower, hot plate, small refrigerator, and basic utensils.

Pricing and features

Prices vary depending on the neighborhood, the size of the room, whether the toilet is inside the room or in the hall (shared), whether the shower is inside the room or in the hall (shared), and whether or not there is an elevator. Electricity and heat charges for a typical independent room cost approximately €50 per month, but vary seasonally. Utilities, Internet, and phone are usually extra.

For the least expensive independent room options, toilets (WC) are often located in the hall and are shared with other tenants on the same floor. The attractive price of these rooms makes them a good option for students on a tight budget. The higher priced independent rooms may be larger, have a bathroom inside the room, and be accessed by an elevator.

In an independent room, you should plan to provide your own bed and bath linens, but a pillow and blanket are usually provided. Any items you will need for your room can be easily purchased in Paris, and you’ll be given suggestions for where to find such things during orientation.

Rent: €450-€750
Available to AUP graduate students and returning undergraduate students.