Psychology incorporates an enormous variety of disciplines, themes, and modes of thought, a diversity that our classes reflect and embrace, as we strive to foster dialogue and debate by constantly challenging the validity of any single framework. While examining how culture and social context influence multiple psychological areas, your classes will help you formalize your inquiries into scientific studies, by providing a solid background in the central theories, approaches, and controversies in contemporary psychology. Combine this with easy access to interdisciplinary perspectives and intercultural field experience, as well as resources from French and European scientific institutions, laboratories, and archives, and you will be ready for an academic or professional career in countless programs of study from neuroscience and developmental or clinical psychology to traditional preparations for further credentialing in the field.


  • Brooke Berndtson

  • Jens Brockmeier


  • Lorenzo Ciccione

    Junior Lecturer

  • Zed Zhipeng Gao

    Assistant Professor

  • Seta Kazandjian

    Assistant Professor

  • Sharman Levinson

    Associate Professor

  • Lissa Lincoln

    Associate Professor, Program Coordinator for Gender, Sexuality & Society

  • Paschale Mccarthy

    Assistant Professor

  • Maria Medved

    Professor, Department Chair - Psychology, Health and Gender

  • Brian Schiff


  • Friederike Windel