How do you get a roommate?

Before orientation, we will send you a roommate preference survey via your AUP email address.

This survey is composed of questions regarding: your living preferences (cleanliness, study habits), your interests (travel, reading, politics, religion, sports), your lifestyle, and the kind of roommates you would like to live with (non-smoker, French speaker, etc). We also inquire about special needs you may have (dietary preferences, physical and psychological needs). We encourage you to share with us any valuable information which will help us find your best roommate match.

Please note: we will not disclose any information you share in this survey with any other students.

If you already have a potential roommate in mind, you can indicate their name in the survey. We will only take into consideration reciprocal requests, so make sure to inform your friends. We strongly ill-advise you from requesting someone you don’t know very well as a roommate. Please, only make a request if you have spent significant time with your potential roommates in person. We have experienced many situations where students requested each other as roommates after having only met via social media, and after living with each other for a few weeks, realized that they were not a match at all.

We also set aside theme-based apartments like “French Speaking”, “Healthy”, “Sportive”, “LGBT friendly”, etc.

Disclaimer: We take care to match students regarding their housing preferences but we cannot guarantee our placements will work in every case. If you are experiencing roommate conflicts during your stay, do not hesitate to contact us in order to find solutions to your problem.